Truck Master High Pole

Great Price!
  • Closes to 59″
  • Opens to 17′
  • Triton Clamp Set
  • Striker & Striker rods.
  • Made In The USA!
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High Pole Pro 621

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  • Closes to 59″
  • Opens to 22′
  • Triton Clamp Set
  • Striker & Striker Rods
  • Made In The USA, by Us
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Pilot Car Pole

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Wonder Pole High Pole

“How High” Adapter
Measures load height.

  • Uses your existing high pole!
  • Slips over and onto your high pole.
  • Use any standard tape measure.
  • On sale, only $59.00.

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Wonder pole
Posted by Ronnie Holt of On Time Pilotcar on 30th Jan 2015

I own a Wonder Pole that is approx 4 yrs old bought this as a backup. Love my high Pole ease of operation and durabilty.would not trust anything else .I have seen them on the road and would not trade . Thanks for a great dependable High Pole .

Wonder Pole High Pole

Truck Master High Pole
Immediate Shipping – In Stock.

  • Extends to 17 feet!
  • Closes to only 59″.
  • Same day or next business day shipping.
  • Made in the USA by Us.

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Go High Pole Pro

The Wonder Pole 621Pro, the professional pilot car pole used by thousands of drivers.

The Industry Standard

The industry standard for over 25 years. The Wonder Pole® is built to exacting standards.

Buy The Best

High Pole 621Pro is a complete package with all the pole accessories at a great best price.

Best In Performance

Wonder Pole High Poles are field tested and out perform any other pole on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diameter of the bottom section of the High Pole 621?

Answer: 2″ outside diameter.

What is the diameter of the bottom section of the High Pole 621?

The outside diameter of the bottom section is 2″. Be sure to protect the Wonder Pole® from any metal edges that might damage the fiberglass.

Will the height stick Pro fit any model high pole by Wonder Pole?

Yes, it slips onto and over the top section of all models we make. Fast and easy way to measurer the load without buying another pole.

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